• Here at Roosevelt, students in grades 3-5 May join the following after-school classes:
    Piano Keyboard: Keyboard meets on Tuesdays. Students will learn basic piano skills such as fingering and note reading as well as how to make different sounds and rhythms through the keyboard.   They will also work to create ensemble pieces as a group.  Each student will be working on his/her own keyboard.  Therefore, numbers are limited to 16 students for this class. 
    Choir:   This class meets on Wednesday.  Students in choir will continue to improve their singing and music reading skills through challenging music across grade levels. This past school year, our choir has been featured on FOX NEWS during the Christmas holidays and brought home a 2nd place trophy in the First Annual District Choir Spring Concert/competition.  Choir now joins the elementary choirs throughout Edgewood to form an "All District Choir" that performs twice a year at the prestigious Edgewood Academy.  Up to 25 students can be in the choir, but we can make room for more!!
    GuitarGuitar class  meets on Fridays.  In guitar students learn to play in two ways, fingerpicking skills and chord strumming.  They begin with simple melodies and can eventually learn to accompany themselves with various styles of songs such as folk tunes and patriotic songs.  Students can take the guitar and guitar book home to practice with a separate signed permission slip.  This class is limited to 11 students, but students who have their own guitar are welcome to join.
    Recorder:  Last year we added a recorder class for students in grades 3-5 to learn to play this instrument from the woodwind family.This class meets on Thursdays.  Students will learn note reading skills and simple melodies to play.  All 4th graders in our district were given recorders last year and classroom instruction will continue this year.  Recorder after-school welcomes 3rd grade beginners as well as 4th and 5th graders who want to advance their skills. Up to 15 students may join this group.
Last Modified on June 27, 2013