• Lindsey Vela   
    Welcome to Perales Elementary!

    Hello, my name is Lindsey Vela and I am a Literacy Instructional Coach at Perales Elementary. I work together with the faculty, staff, and parents to ensure our students are life-long learners.
    I have been in education since 2002. I came to Edgewood Independent School District in 2011, starting at Loma Park Elementary and moving to Perales Elementary in 2016. I have taught Pre-K through 3rd grade, Early Childhood classes for children birth-5, and a variety of private and group courses for students aged 3 through college level. 

    Lindsey Vela
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  • Phase Completion

    This Edgewood ISD employee has demonstrated technology proficiency by completing the EISD's Technology Assessments and the Web Portfolio.
    Edgewood's Technology Assessments are based on SBEC's Technology Applications Standards for Teachers. SBEC's Technology Applications Standards are divided into eleven standards, however, regular classroom teachers are only required to demonstrate proficiency in Standards I - V.  These standards outline the basic knowledge and skills a teacher needs in order to be proficient in a 21st century classroom. Standards VI - XI are reserved for high school computer science teachers.
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