I want to teach my students that food is more than fuel for our bodies but also a tool that can be used to establish a great career. Outside of career placement, creating art with food is an amazing way to channel energy, release stress, and just simply showcase how awesome our students are. I have made food my life and intend to instill integrity in our students through food safety and preparation.

    From a young age I have known and been able to experience the joys of making food from scratch. Successfully creating a dish from scratch produces a feeling of accomplishment and achievement like no other and I want to share this experience with my students.

    Students will also learn measuring basics, safe and effective knife use, other tools of the trade, the importance of safe food handling and the best ways to prevent and respond to accidents in the kitchen.  They will learn about career and job opportunities in the culinary field and about opportunities to pursue culinary studies at the college level.

    I want them to have fun and enjoy tasting new flavors and ingredients from all over the world. We will not only learn about international cuisines, but also the art of baking, and catering. 

    We will achieve these goals by participating in many hands on learning activities and working in groups. There are videos and books that I believe every aspiring food professional should have either seen or read. We will partake in both as these tools give insight into how the industry runs and operates.

    The skill of cooking is one that can be utilized in numerous areas of their lives and in my class we will not only learn what the industry expects but they will set expectations for themselves and their classmates.