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Dr. Aurelia Dávila de Silva
English I
Room 202
444-8300 ext 3743
Tutoring: Monday through Wednesday 4:20-5:30   
Class Description
Welcome to one of the most memorable years of your lives.  You will remember your freshman studies for years to come.  In this class, we will examine "coming of age" stories that are personal, familial, and hold community importance.  We will enter different worlds from the safety of our homes or classrooms.  Stories are gifts that reflect our experiences, culture, values, and beliefs.  Our goal is to share the different stories told and written by contemporary and classic writers in order to help us learn to resolve problems in the world.  Through our reading, we want to explore meeting challenges with grace, humility, discipline, and humor.  Further, we want to learn from our reading and writing, our collective experiences, and our social relationships.  We accept that there is no "boring" reading, or writing because, "I have an imagination that can make this a better piece of writing, reading or presentation."
2012-2013 Schedule

Class Period





8:45 – 9:40 


English I 

9:45 – 10:38 


English I 

10:45 – 11:36


English I Pre AP 

12:11 – 1:16 


English I 

1:21 – 2:14


English I

2:19 – 3:12 


English I Pre AP

3:17 – 4:10 

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