Brentwood Middle School Library 2013-14 Mr. Keen, Librarian Flexible

by Mr. Keen, Librarian
         Brentwood Middle School Library                  2014-15         Mr. Keen, Librarian

          The Brentwood MS Library has a flexible schedule with all teachers and staff
          signing up on the librarians front circulation desk 2013-14 calendar.
           The purpose of the library is to encourage, prepare and service the students of
           the Brentwood Middle School Library.  To make the library more efficient and
           successful we will need to follow the following library schedule:
            It is recommended that teachers and staff sign up and give the librarian
            at least 1-day notice, so the librarian can prepare for the class to come to the
           Teachers willl bring students to the library and remain with them for the entire
           period.  Teachers will remain in charge of the students while they are in the
           library.  Please assist the librarian if he encounters any student problems also.
           During scheduled classroom visits during the class period the teacher is to
           remain in the library with the class.  It is preferred that teachers sign up to
           bring their  classes to the library at least 2 days in advance if possible.
           Teachers may schedule special times for research but this must be done at least
           a week ahead of time with the librarian.  If possible, all requests for
           audio-visual equipment should be made a week ahead.  There is a sign out sheet
           on the front circulation desk.
            Thank you for your consideration .
            John Keen, Brentwood MS Librarian
  ,    Ext. 7685
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