Social Studies Quiz

Posted by Connie Horejsi at 10/9/2013

You may use your notes to complete the Social Studies Quiz below:
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 Yes, William Bradford is listed twice.



People’s Name

Details to match with names


Anne Hutchinson

A.  Sailed on the Mayflower, called a Pilgrim


John Wise

B.  1643 Chartered Rhode Island


John Smith

C.  Held meetings at home to speak out against colony’s rules


Roger Williams

D.   Quaker, founded Pennsylvania


William Bradford

E.  Put in prison for protesting about “Taxation without representation.”   


William Bradford

F.  Helped the Virginia Company establish Jamestown.  His one rule was, “He who does not work, does not eat.”


William Penn

G.  This colony did not tolerate any other religions.  Their rules were called the Mayflower Compact.