Website Assistance

Posted by Jim Jewell at 10/30/2011 10:00:00 AM

Most kids when given the opportunity to shape their own learning usually shrug their shoulders and make funny faces at the teacher asking the question. With this post I am asking just this: I need your help in finding true learning websites. What I mean by true learning websites, are websites that have what they say they have. For example there is a website called Cool Math which we all know is mostly cool games and very little math. Yes there are math games on the site, but rarely do I ever see anyone playing them. Most kids learn nothing while visiting here. Cool Math is an example of a website that would not be approved. Learning sites I have approved are like Arcademic Skill Builders, Soft School or MangaHigh. If you suggest a site and I approve it, then your site will be listed on Bobcat's Den under a section called "Student Referred Links" with your first name and last initial beside it showing us that you gave us this site. What do you think? Post your comments or suggestions below.