For the Day:  If every student in the class gets perfect attendance, the teacher hangs a shield outside the classroom door stating that you have 100% perfect attendance.
For the Week:  We have a Perfect Atten-Dance each Friday for the students that have gotten perfect attendance for the week.  This means:  No tardy, no absences, no *partial day absences (taken out early).  Each student that has earned it goes into the hallway and dances to a song provided through the intercom. 
For the Month:  Pizza Lunch in the classroom with their teacher.  Each month beginning in September we will have a pizza lunch for all students that get perfect attendance for the whole month.  (Again, no tardies, no absences, no *partial day absences)  At the end of the month we look at the attendance and order pizza for the students that have earned it.  The students enjoy a meal in the classroom with their teacher for this special celebration.  
*Partial Day absences:  A student is removed/picked up from school during the day after attendance is taken.  (If a Doctor's Excuse is returned on the same day or the next day, this is not considered an absence.)
Join in the fun.  Come every day and stay at school all day long and you will be able to participate in these celebrations.