Teen Tech Center

Posted by Andrew Schuetze at 1/16/2014

Greetings once again,

I'll be making weekly posts to this site but I'm in a bit of catch-up mode since I just made the TTIPS pages active this past week. Best Buy has funded about 10 Teen Tech Centers all across the USA and there is only ONE in all of Texas and it is just a block north of Gus Garcia MS. How fortunate is that! I've met with the staff at that facility on a couple of occasions since they opened their doors almost a year ago this month. I encourage you to stop by and tour the facility. It is located in what was the media center of the old HK Williams elementary school. They are open to teens and tweens in all of Bexar County and offer a variety of opportunities for youth to tinker and play with technology. This is not a game room; it is a room where games can be designed. It is very likely that one or two of your colleagues have already visited the center at my personal invitation as their after-school clubs are very much aligned with the activities provided by the Teen Tech Center. The center is open M-F from 4:00 - 7:30 PM. Students can become members for FREE after completing the required parent permission forms. The center is operated by the Family Service Association so although the funding comes from Best Buy, it is not a marketing ploy to build customer loyalty.

Stop by and visit with the staff, tell them that Andrew sent you, and then post your thoughts about the opportunities and what you liked as a reply to this blog posting.



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