Semester Incentives plus Reflection on Technology Assesments

Posted by Andrew Schuetze at 1/16/2014


You are reading this posting on the newly created TTIPS grant page which means that I too am working towards my grant funded incentive to complete all three phases of the technology plan to include a web portfolio. Early next week, I'll begin to collect final reports for attendance, technology phases and all the other categories. Once all the incentive category data has been collected, I will calculate individual incentives and send a report to payroll. This will be sent to staff as a separate check.

As all of you and I have undergone the process to complete technology assessments and complete our web portfolios, I think it would be helpful to our colleagues here at Gus Garcia as well as across the school district to hear what challenges you faced and how you overcame them. This is also good modeling for our students as they read how we each faced obstacles and persisted to achieve some measure of success. Please reply to this blog posting with challenges that you wish to share and what avenues, sources you used to achieve success.

Let me start by saying that I initially found the assessments challenging due to wordings used with the questions. I did my best to understand the questions and then had to watch the tutorials and videos a couple of times and really focus on word use. This might very much relate to challenges faced everyday by our English Language Learners. I am a STEM guy and have an extensive technology background but I had to learn and understand the wording used by the assessment company to demonstrate my knowledge level.

I invite you to reflect on my personal challenge and insight in addition to posting challenges you faced and solutions/sources that you used.



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