Christmas Time

Posted by Laura Lott-Manzano at 12/9/2013

Good evening all,
Christmas break is coming soon and so I would like to reflect back on all of the wonderful children that I have met; the helpful staff members I have gotten to know; and all of the things that I have learned. These past few months have gone by so fast and I feel that they have gone by so fast because of all of the fun that I have had here at Gardendale. I feel very blessed to be employed at this school and even more blessed that my 2013 - 2014 class is as smart and funny as they are. I know that there is so much more to learn and I am looking forward to what the spring will bring. I hope that everyone finds themselves back here safe and sound and with wonderful holiday memories to share.
Thank you to the students and staff at Gardendale Elementary,
Mrs. Manzano 


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