Problem of the Day Week 11

Posted by Alberto Barrientos at 11/11/2013

Warm-Up:  POD

The table below shows the time it take for Mr. B to walk around the Woodlawn Lake walking track.


Time in Minutes







Continue the table to show how many laps Mr. B can walk in 2 hours and 30 minutes?

Warm-Up:  POD

This year, the three day concert named Austin City Limits was a huge success in Austin, Texas. There were 70,000 people that attended each day.

a) How many total people attended during the three day concert?

b) If you bought a 3-day ticket for $210, how much did you pay for each day?

c) If the price for a 1- day ticket was $90 and you decided to pay that amount each of the

three days, how much would you pay for the concert tickets?

d) If half of the people that attended the concert paid for a 1-day pass how many people

paid for a 3-day pass? Explain how you solved the problem.

Warm-Up:  POD

Look closely at the number line.

11   13   15   17   19   21   23   25   27   29   __

a) What pattern(s) do you notice?

b) Draw and complete the number line. Place a circle around all composite numbers

and write the factors and factor pairs below each composite number. Place a square

around each prime number.

c) Describe the difference between prime and composite.

Warm-Up:  POD

At the San Antonio pet sanctuary, there is a total of 427 pets.

278 of the animals are some kind of pet other than a cat.
Write an equation that could be used to determine the number of pets that are c, cats?

Warm-Up:  POD

Ruth is in charge of the seating her upcoming class reunion. Including herself, there are 64 members attending. She needs to determine how to place the tables so that all tables have the same number of people at each table and not anyone is sitting by themselves.

a) Name all the possible table arrangements.

b) What strategy did you use to determine your answer? Explain.