Military Strike on Syria Postponed

Posted by Adan Perales at 9/27/2013 1:00:00 PM

President Obama took a firm stance after rumors began to circulate via various social media websites that the President of Syria used chemical weapons to clear a neighborhood that was under the control of rebel forces. Unfortunately, in addition to the rebel soldiers, were hundreds of innocent victims (which included women and children). Graphic images of victims of chemical warfare were blasted throughout the internet. This led to a quick response from several key leaders from around the world, including President Obama. After various statements and threats, President Obama left the decision of engaging in a military strike in the hands of Congress. However, before that vote was taken. Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated, with the President of Russia (Syria's strongest friend), an agreement to have Syria voluntarily give up all their chemical weapons. This agreement would be sufficient action for the U.S. to hold it's ground and not take any further action.
Do you feel that this was a just decision? As the world's policeman, should the U.S. get involved in every international scandal and make an effort to keep things in line? Or do you believe the U.S. should worry about the problems within our own border and let the other countries of the world handle themselves?