Roboitcs Competition

The kids did a great job Saturday at the GEAR robotics competition. Even though we had very little time to practice and prepare they adapted on the fly and made adjustments in order to enter the semi-finals round of competition. We were the only Edgewood middle school to make it into the top 8. However, due to some techinical difficulty we did not advance to the final round. We did receive the Programming award in the end however, and the kids did an amazing job overall.


Programming Award
This award is presented to a team who demonstrates successful techniques in one or more of the following:
-Use of unique programming techniques to successfully demonstrate the game challenges.
-Evidence of good software documentation and revision control.
-Ability to describe in detail how their program works and how it helps solve the game’s challenges.
-Demonstrate that the implemented programs perform successfully on the playing field.
-Employ the use of at least two robot sensors to assist with the robot function on the field.