Pre Kindergarten Scholastic Bridge to English

by Doris M. Perez

Scholastic “Big Day” Bridge To English Pre-Kindergarten

Year at a Glance

First Semester

Second Semester

Bridge to English daily activities for the development of the English language can be found under the Circle and Story Time Blocks. In addition to the Bridge to English activities, teachers can also use the “Songs and Fingerplays” resource book for the ESL block.

1st Nine Weeks*

3rd Nine Weeks

Theme 1 Ready for School (4 weeks)

·        Week 1-My School

·        Week 2-Making Friends

·        Week 3-Learning Together

·        Week 4-Getting Along


Theme 2 My Family (4 weeks)

·        Week 5-Who’s In My Family?

·        Week 6-We Take Care of Each Other

·        Week 7-Family Fun

·        Week 8-All kinds of Families


Week 9- Review, Assess and Reteach                     *BOY Woodcock Munoz

Theme 5 Imagine It (4 weeks)

·        Week 19-Using My Imagination

·        Week 20-Tools We Use

·        Week 21-Things We Build

·        Week 22-Art All Around


Theme 6 Growing Up Healthy (4 weeks)

·        Week 23-My Senses

·        Week 24-Taking Care of Myself

·        Week 25-Eating Well

·        Week 26-Staying Safe


Week 27-Review, Assess and Reteach                    

2nd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks**

Theme 3 Our Community (4 weeks)

·        Week 10-Places We Go

·        Week 11-People We Meet

·        Week 12-Things That Move

·        Week 13-Going Green


Theme 4 Awesome Animals (4 weeks)

·        Week 14-All Kinds of Animals

·        Week 15-Animal Homes

·        Week 16-Creepy, Crawly Insects

·        Week 17-Animals Grow and Change


Week 18-Review, Assess and Reteach

Theme 7 Nature All Around (4 weeks)

·        Week 28-How Do Plants Grow?

·        Week 29-What’s In the Sky?

·        Week 30-Our Weather

·        Week 31-The Seasons


Theme 8 Moving On (4 weeks)

·        Week 32-Going New Places

·        Week 33-Trying New Things

·        Week 34-I Can Do It!

·        Week 35-We’Re Big Now!


Week 36-Review, Assess and Reteach                 **EOY Woodcock Munoz

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