Third Grade-On Our Way to English


On Our Way to English-Third  Grade

Year at a Glance

First Semester

Second Semester

1st Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks*

Unit 1

Week 1-4

Theme:  Faces and Places

Big Question: How are the people and places in our world alike and different?

Social Studies TEKS 3.5B, 3.12A


Unit 2

Week 5-8

Theme: Crafty Creatures

Big Question: How do animals adapt to the world around them?

Science TEKS 3.9A (CSCOPE Unit 9), 3.10A (CSCOPE Unit 8)


Week 9-Review, Assess and Reteach


Unit 5

Week 19-22

Theme: Shoot for the Stars

Big Question: Why is it important to learn about the universe?

Science TEKS 3.8B (CSCOPE Units 2 & 6), 3.8D (CSCOPE Unit 6)



Unit 6

Week 23-26

Theme: Our Valuable Earth

Big Question: What can we do to help our planet?

Science TEKS 3.7D (CSCOPE Unit 5)


Week 27-Review, Assess and Reteach

                                                                                                *TELPAS Window

2nd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks

Unit 3

Week 10-13

Theme: Then and Now

Big Question: How have new ways of travel changed our lives?

Social Studies TEKS 3.3A, 3.3C


Unit 4

Week 14-17

Theme: Making Life Easier

Big Question: How has technology changed our world?

Social Studies TEKS 3.2B; 3.3C


Week 18-Review, Assess and Reteach


Unit 7

Week 28-31

Theme: We the People

Big Question: How can we be good citizens?

Social Studies TEKS 3.10AC, 3.11C


Unit 8

Week 32-35

Theme: In the Money

Big Question: How do we earn and spend money?

Social Studies TEKS 3.6A


Week 36-Review, Assess and Reteach


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