Second Grade-On Our Way to English


On Our Way to English-Second Grade

Year at a Glance

First Semester

Second Semester

1st Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks*

Unit 1

Week 1-4

Theme:  Proud To Be Me

Big Question: How are families alike and different from each other?

Social Studies TEKS 2.18A



Unit 2

Week 5-8

Theme: Living In America

Big Question: What do you like about living in the United States?

Social Studies TEKS 2.6AB


Week 9-Review, Assess and Reteach


Unit 5

Week 19-22

Theme: Water Works

Big Question: How do people use water?

Science TEKS 2.8C (CSCOPE Unit 7)



Unit 6

Week 23-26

Theme: Disaster Alert

Big Question: How can we prepare for extreme weather?

Social Studies 2.7A


Week 27-Review, Assess and Reteach

                                                                                                *TELPAS Window

2nd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks

Unit 3

Week 10-13

Theme: Circle of Life

Big Question: How do we change as we grow older?

Social Studies TEKS 2.17D, 2.18A


Unit 4

Week 14-17

Theme: From Farm to You

Big Question: How does food get from the field to the table?

Social Studies TEKS 2.9A


Week 18-Review, Assess and Reteach


Unit 7

Week 28-31

Theme: How Things Work

Big Question: Why do we have different tools?

Social Studies TEKS 2.16AB


Unit 8

Week 32-35

Theme: Choices We Make

Big Question: How do our choices affect our lives?

Social Studies TEKS 2.9B, 2.10A


Week 36-Review, Assess and Reteach


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