2013 Season is coming to a close

Posted by Jesse Rodriguez at 4/10/2013 8:15:00 AM

There are only three games left in the 2013 season and there are reasons to be disappointed, but more reasons to be excited. First of all, we only won three games this season, and I really thought we could have had a better won-loss record. That said, we won more games than we did last season, so that is a plus.
Another reason to be excited is my knowing that we were young this year and the majority of the team will be back for the 2014 season. This team showed so much promise and they are so talented and athletic, that I sometimes forgot that the majority of the players were junior varsity players last year. I had to put that in perspective as I reflected on what might have been, which allowed me to be raring to go for to see what may come.
There are three more games to continue to grow as a team, and there is no doubt that we are getting better. As other teams are losing players to graduation in key spots, and many of them, we will have returners in key areas on the field with chips on their shoulders.
Hope to see all of you there for the ride.