Recycle, Reduce, Reuse at Memorial~

Posted by Laura James at 5/2/2013

Hello all~ 
I’ve been thinking about contributing to the recycling effort here at Memorial.  My class could take it on as a service project to help out; as well as, incorporating a comprehensive recycling emphasis within our social studies & science curriculum.  We have learned about recycling and could work to collect and sort items for our campus.  We could even take a class trip to recycling plants to see how it all works.  I think this would be a great ongoing project for us!  However, I know that it would take a great deal of effort to plan the coordination and logistics of such a plan.  Also, I need to find out what recycling activities are currently in progress to know whether it would be necessary to supplement what already exists or create a plan for a new program.  I would LOVE and APPRECIATE any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or help~   


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