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April Student of the Month

The April 2014 Loma Park Elementary "Students of the Month" for: Pre-Kindergarten: Angelique Terrazas*, Ryan Ortiz; Kindergarten: Sasha Ramirez*, Manuel Huerta; First: Izabella Jaramillo, Jose Hernandez*; Second: Leah Ramirez, Antonio Gonzalez; Third: Kaylah Hernandez Hallums, Nathan Cantu*; Fourth: Crystal Flores, Matthew Penalver*; Fifth: Melissa Urena*, Julian Velazquez* (Left to Right). If you want to ensure that your child's picture appears here on the Loma Park homepage when they are chosen as student of  the month make sure that the school has the photo release form on file. *Students not photographed because no Consent & Release of Liability form on file or student absence.


 To obtain a copy of the of the "Consent & Release of Liability" form click here:    English      Espanol