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LBJ student donates to Locks of Love

One of LBJ's 4th grade students demonstrates caring and charity by donating some of her hair to Locks of Love. We are all proud of Kaitlyn for showing just one way that anyone can make our world brighter. Kaitlyn answered some questions about her experience...
What is Locks of Love?
Locks of Love is an organization that helps provide hairpieces to children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition.
How did you get the idea to give your hair to Locks of Love?
I saw a TV show called Extreme Makeover on YouTube where a man cut his hair and donated it. So when my mom said she was going to take me to cut my hair I asked if we could donate it.
How does it feel to know you're doing a good deed?
I feel happy and excited. I want them to feel good about themselves. I get sad that they have to go through this stuff. I just wanted to help someone so they wouldn't feel embarrassed or sad and get bullied just because they look different.
What else can you tell us about your experience donating your hair? 
I would really like to do it again. Just thinking about helping someone makes me feel happy. I'm grateful to be healthy. 
Locks of Love  
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