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Parents can check on student grades with Parent Portal & txConnect

Edgewood's Parent Portal and txConnect system allow parents to check on their children's grades and attendance. Using txConnect is a good thing- it lets you know how your child doing in each subject. You can talk with your both child and your child's teacher about how your child is doing. 



How to Get Started with Parent Portal & txConnect


1. Get the code for your student from Ms. Angela Menchaca, the parent liaison, or Mr. Evan Lieberman, the Instrucitonal Technology Facilitator. (To get your code, you can call LBJ at 444-8175, you can send an email to Ms. Menchaca or Mr. Lieberman, or you can stop by the school and ask for one of us.)


2. Go to the txConnect website.


3. Create an account for yourself.


4. Enter your child's code, and your account will be linked to your child's grades and attendance.



Please let us know if you need any help getting on to Parent Portal and txConnect. Both Ms. Menchaca and Mr. Lieberman are here to support you. You can also visit the school anytime it's convenient for you and one of us will sit with you at a computer and help you get started with Parent Portal and txConnect.