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Career Day


Thank you to the following individuals who contribute their time and professional expertise to our students!


Diana McCurtain-Talbert (Clown)

Officer Avila (Sherriff)

Kimberly Jett (Software Support Specialist)

San Antonio Fire Department ( Firefighters)

Chasity Muhammad (SACADA Educator)

Sifu Ram De Peña (Martial Arts Instructor)

Jesse Rodriguez  (Taekwondo instructor)

Officer Fernandez (Truancy Officer)

Officer Reed (Truancy Officer)

Dr. Ashley Orr (Dentist)

Rogelio Rodriguez (Engineer)

Marisol Overstreet (Architect)

Sarah Jacobsen (Recycling Educator)

Officer Hyson (Police Officer)

Daniel Balderas (United States Marine Corps)

Mark Nagus (Probation Officer)

Frank Diaz ( Military, USAA)

Luis Cuellar (Painting Project Manager)

Ray Lopez (City Councilman)

Maudie Muraida (USCA)

Denise Martinez (Realtor)

Matthew Mendez (Art Space)

Christopher Rabb (Art Space)