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5th Annual Salsa Bowl

Salsa Challenge1

It was a hot and spicy night at the 5th Annual Salsa Bowl tailgate party. About 1,000 people attended the annual tailgate party at the Brentwood Middle School Soccer Field. There was food, entertainment, and music by DJ Richard Herrera and both Rocket Band and Minutemen Band performed.



Salsa Challenge 2

A first-ever Salsa Challenge was held and five community/staff members participated in the event. Lydia Perez, Priscilla Valadez, Terry Castillo, Berta Allen, and Ricardo Insall were the first to participate in the challenge. Judging the salsa challenge was: Chef Arturo Contreras, former MHS Culinary Arts teacher and former chef to Colin Powell; and Chef Johnny Hernandez, world re-known chef, owner of La Gloria Restaurant, La Fruteria Restaurant, and La Gloria Restaurant at the SA Airport.

Winner of the Challenge was Ricardo Insall.

Salsa Bowl 3

Exchanges of gifts for good sportsmanship were presented by both student councils. Superintendent Jose A. Cervantes presented plaques to both school principals as a token of good will as principals exchanged gifts as well.

Salsabowl 4

The halftime performance was a spectacular show with students garnishing glow sticks on their uniforms. The two dance teams, the Rockettes and the Starletts, and both school cheerleaders performed to the EISD mega-mix. The Memorial Minutemen band performed their UIL show, “Blues in the Night,” followed by Kennedy High School performing their UIL show of “The Journey of Man” and “The Horse.” Both bands combined for a grand finale to form EISD on the field and performed to “Soul Finger.”

Salsa 6


The Kennedy Rockets defeated the Memorial Minutemen at the fifth annual Salsa Bowl by a score of 54 to 33. The schools competed before a capacity filled stadium. About 8,000 were in attendance for the game.