What's Going On With the New Copiers?!

Posted by Kimberly Jett at 10/29/2013

If authentication for the Konica Minolta copiers has been activated at your campus, you have realized that you now have to "badge in" to make your copies or access your print outs. The first time that employees want to make copies or print something out, they will have to go through a one-time authentication process. Once this process is complete, copies and print outs can be retrieved by simply swiping the ID badge at the copy machine. 
An advantage to this new implementation is that you can send your print job to the network printers and retrieve the job from ANY copier by simply "badging in" at the copier. For example, you can send the document to print from Kennedy, travel to Memorial and retrieve the print job at Memorial. To avoid confusion, employees should delete the old printers from their list of available printers (directions provided on handout linked above). 
Another advantage is the ability to print from an iPad! As more iPads are introduced to the campuses, we will provide documentation and tutorials.