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E-mail:  afranco@eisd.net    Phone: 210.444.8040 ext. 3236 Room: M-125                   
Career & Technology Business Education
"Tomorrow's jobs will require more
knowledge, better skills, and more flexible workers than ever before."
computer grad

 2016-2017 Schedule

1st Period:   8:30-9:20       Conference   
2nd Period: 9:25-10:15     Career Prep
3rd Period: 10:20-11:10    Business Information Management I (BIM I)
4th Period:  11:15-12:05   Business Information Management I (BIM I)
2nd Lunch:  12:10-12:40
5th Period:   12:45-1:35   Career Prep
6th Period:   1:40-2:30     Business Information Management I (BIM I)
7th Period:   2:35-3:25     Observation
8th Period:   3:30-4:20     Observation
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