Welcome To Our Animation Page
     On this page you will see projects and art that the students of the Animation Department of Edgewood Fine Arts Academy have created.
    Students in this class learn the fundamentals of Animation and learn skills that can be used in a career. Most of the projects are the students own creative ideas. Students also learn about teamwork.
Key findings from an animation industry survey that shows a vibrant and healthy workforce with a bright future.“Behind the Characters: Professional Animator Job Satisfaction, Career Outlook and Salary Survey Report” is based on the feedback of more than 3,000 respondents from over a dozen countries.
Some of the highlights include:
• Animators are some of the happiest workers in America
• Motion capture and outsourcing are some of the trends changing the industry
• The earnings outlook for animators is bright and growing
• Animation is growing not just in films but in gaming, advertising and TV shows
• There’s a high sense of job satisfaction in the industry
In the animation class we use programs such as:
- Adobe Flash
- MAYA 3d
- Photoshop
- Fireworks
- Sketchbook Pro  
Storyboard Drawings by Ana S. and Osvaldo D. 
                       storyboard2                        storyboard2

 All artwork and content property of Edgewood Fine Arts Academy students and teacher unless otherwise noted.  Last update 5/15/13.


 Storyboard Drawing by Destiny P.screen shot
Team 499 Robotics Animation: