A Winning Tradition

"Charging Ahead of the Herd"
This year's team members: Ramiro, Bryan, Samantha, Jonathan, Yair, Damon, Angel, Marcus, Santiago, Audrey, Inda, Anthony, Maddox, Francisco & Richard. Coaches: Ms. Aldrete, Ms. Rios, Mr. Jewell & Mr. Rodriguez
2013-2014 Our best year ever!
This year we attended four competitions: GEAR Fall-13, TCEA Regional & State, ERIC. At GEAR in October we took home the 3rd place trophy: TCEA Regional we took home first and fifth place& at TCEA State we finished 6th place, which is the highest any Edgewood robotics team has ever finished; and finally at ERIC we took home two trophies for first & third and also finished fourth and eighth among 38 teams from five area school districts. (See our trophies page for pictures) Also check out the District website here.