The lists below includes titles of books that your child will enjoy. These titles were selected by the Language Arts Department of the Edgewood IndependentSchool District because they are interesting, engaging, and award winning books.

Independent reading is one of the most influential factors for student educational success. For preschoolers, an indicator of their future school success is the involvement of parents reading to their children. In high school independent reading produces increases in vocabulary, which in turn improves student performance and helps them to meet the demands of college.

We are providing these lists as a starting point to assist you in selecting grade appropriate books for your child. Please help your child select several of these books to read throughout the summer. Your involvement and review of their selections is also an important factor in a successful reading experience.

This summer we our asking our students to READ! READ! READ! This will assist in effective literacy development and lifelong learning. Please help us. Encourage your child to read every day. It really does make a difference!
Pre-Kinder3rd Grade6th Grade
Grado PreescolarTercer Grado7th Grade
Kinder4th Grade8th Grade
Jardin de NinosCuarto GradoHS lists all with Parent Letter
1st Grade5th Grade High School List English I
Primer GradoQuinto GradoHigh School List English II
2nd GradePK-8 lists all with Parent LetterHigh School List English III
Segundo GradoHigh School List English IV