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Special Education Mission Statement

To prepare students with special needs to achieve their
individual career goals through
self-advocacy and self-determination.

    " Edgewood ISD provides a solid foundation with  
World Class Education"

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     Jose Hinojosa

   Delilah Trevino
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    Nayelly Ordonez    
         Nayelly Ordonez                                         
      Child Find Facilitator

              Laura V. Miller
       Accountability Specialist



    Dante Chavarria                  
               Dante Chavarria
             Program Specialist

 golf winners 2013-14
Golf Winners, September 27, 2013
      Joe Montalvo
               Joe Montalvo
           Program Specialist

Special Education Staff

Gina Flores, Director

See directory page for more information


Trevino, DelilahCoordinator                     
Chavarria, DanteProgram Specialist
Fulton, JayDyslexia, 504 Specialist
Jansen, Willis   Part-time LIFE Facilitator
Martinez, RuthRecords Clerk
Mell, SherriAdapted P. E.
Miller, Laura Virginia   Accountability Specialist
Minner, SarahTechnology Facilitator
Moncada, JessicaData Clerk
Montalvo, JoeProgram Specialist
Olivarez, MarthaMedicaid Specialist
Ordonez, NayellyChild Find facilitator
Perez, GenevieveBookkeeper
Perez, LydiaSecretary
Rosas, Juanita   Parent Educator
VI Teacher
Teacher, Autism
Coordinator, Instructional
Dyslexia Specialist
O & M Teacher
Valdez, MaryTeacher, Homebound
Zamora, BethanyTeacher, Homebound
Zukotynski, ChristineTeacher, Autism

                  Jerry Fulton 
         Dyslexia, 504 Specia