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Rm. 518 phone: 444-8300 ext. 4331
Tutoring: Tues. & Thurs after school by request.
Greetings and welcome, to the website of Mr. Perez! This year I teach World History(pre-ap) and World Geography (pre-ap). On this site you will find the course syllabus, class notes/presentations, and even online assignments!
As a student in my class, be prepared to get back what effort you put in.
As time passes, this site will have links to specific sites that aid in completing class/homework, and/or out of class projects.
2011- 2012 Class schedule
Period/ Time/      Class
1st   8:45-9:40    W. Geography
2nd  9:45-10:38  W. Geography
3rd  10:43-11:36 W. History
4th  12:11-1:16   W. History
5th  1:17-2:14     W. History
6th  2:19-3:12     Conference
7th  3:17-4:10     W. Geography
Last Modified on December 6, 2013