Name:     Coach David Flores
Grade:    Physical Education / Kinder - 5th
Phone#:   (210) 444-8375 ext. 4112
soccer                           bball
Howdy Sports Fans,
Here at Roosevelt Elementary, we are privileged to be partnered with the Police Athletic League in order to provide our students with an opportunity to play team sports.  Students can participate in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track.  We only ask for 3 things:
Good Grades, Good Behavior, & A Good Attitude.
All leagues are developmental which means the number one rule is to HAVE FUN!!!!  And parents are encouraged to join the fun by becoming a volunteer coach.  Just contact Coach Flores and let him know you're interested.  Below is a guide to help you become aware of the projected start dates for all sports. 
SPORT                    TRY-OUTS/PRACTICE                    SEASON BEGINS
Volleyball                        September 14, 2014                       September 20, 2014
Basketball                           January 2015                                February 2015
Soccer                                March 2015                                    April 2015
Track                                   April 2015                                     May 2015