Mrs. Kimberly Martinez

Phone: 210-444-8278


Degrees and Certifications:

Associates Degree in Business Management and Technology

Mrs. Kimberly Martinez

 Welcome to my page!!! I am very excited to be working here at loma park elementary for my second year. As a parent liaison my job is to get as many parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, aunts and uncles as i can to come in to volunteer here at the school. You would be very surprised at what a difference you can make in these kids lives. Adults are role models for not only our own children but to all children attending this school. Volunteers make a difference by helping out with field trips, school wide flyers, field day, Fiesta parade, bike rodeo, and a lot more fun activities that we have going on here at school. I am a mom of three so I know how busy life can get, I for one understand completely when there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the errands, cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids, helping with homework and on top of that working. I can not stress enough that as adults our lives aren't easy in any way shape or form but being here truly being here as a volunteer there is no greater feeling than walking down the hall saying "good morning" or "how are you" or just talking to these kids asking them about their day during lunch the look on their faces are priceless when they tell you "hey miss", "good morning","nice shoes miss" when you volunteer here you not only get to know the teachers and staff you get to know all these amazing kids as well. I can guarantee that when you become a parent volunteer here at loma park elementary you will keep wanting to come back each and every day not because you have to but because you will want to.