Roy Cisneros Elementary
Campus Committee Overview

To improve the team's ability to function smoothly and effectively.
To increase the team's ability to lead the entire staff
To help the team avoid becoming just another committee
Meet at least twice a month.
      Once scheduled during a faculty meeting.
      Once at designated time. (Designate time on Website and Calendar)
Review Data to improve instruction.
Include organizations or extend existing organizations.
Create and maintain webpage for team.
Committee Roles
Chairperson - Manage agenda; keeps people/discussions on task during meetings
Recorder - Keeps minutes; monitors tasks and timelines
Data/Evaluation Coordinator - Manage data collection, data analysis, and data presentations to staff
Webmaster - Maintains the webpage
Keeper of the List - Maintains a file of topics for future meetings
Staff Liason - Monitor's team involvement of the staff and periodicallystaff members' perception of the team/process
Academic Teams





Social Studies

M. Martinez

H. Roybal

D. Bustos

C. Bustamante


D. Urbina

J. Vidaurri

E. Colunga

E. Jimenez

A. Garcia

G. Perez

I. Castro

M.E. Nanez

J. Zapatta

E. Villanueva

M. Rodriguez

C. Hinojosa

V. Dominguez

A. Duran

T. Bikle

C. Reyes

A. Menchaca

K. Astran

D. Gonzales

J. Manjarrez

E. Rodriguez

M.J. Garza

L. Ward

T. Stover

E. Shields

E. Garza

E. Hahn

L. Gomez

D. Matusko

L. Luna

R. Lopez

S. Ramirez

R. Reyes

C. Green


H. Villarreal





Committee Chair             Webmaster
Last Modified on September 29, 2011