"Salientia Aedificavit Sibi Domun" 
"Wisdom has built herself a home."

TOLTECH T-STEM ACADEMY of Memorial High School


What is T-STEM?

T-STEM is an acronym which stands for Texas-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  The name Toltech was decided upon for the school because it was first used as the name of the first Robotics Club the school district had and Toltech, with an "h", is used because of the technology that will be taught and utilized.

Toltec History

The Toltec Empire appeared in the central Mexico area in the 10th century AD, when they established their central city of Tula. It is believed that the Toltecs were refugees from the northern Teotihuacan culture and migrated after its fall in 700 AD.

The Toltec Empire and leaders created an unmatched mystique in the minds of the Central American people. The Toltec leaders were thought of as being alongside deities. Later cultures often revered them and copied their legends, art, buildings and religion. Many future rulers of other cultures, including Mayan leaders and Aztec emperors, claimed to be descended from the Toltecs.

The name "Tolteca" translates into "people of knowledge".


The Toltech T-STEM Academy is a "School-Within-A-School" concept.  We initiated the program with one hundred ninth grade students.  Each year we have added one hundred freshmen to our program and today we have a total of nearly 300 students enrolled, grades 9 through 11.  Students are enrolled in STEM Academy classes and  take their elective classes at Memorial High School.  The program  follows the T-STEM Blueprint provided by Educate Texas (formerly the Texas High School Project (THSP)) and  integrates the teaching and learning of 21st Century Skills.  In late fall, students each receive a Netbook computer to use for completing assignments and for research purposes.


To the left is a link to our calendar for the Toltech T-STEM Academy.  If you click inside a date on the calendar that contains a box with information, a new window will open giving more specifics of the event.

Toltech T-STEM Summer Learning Academy

This summer, our students participated in a 7-day Summer Learning Academy.  During the Toltech T-STEM Summer Learning Academy, students learned about the T-STEM Program's expectations;  what their high school years should encompass; working in teams; communication and presentation skills; "brushed" up on mathematics skills; and most importantly, made new friends and had fun. 

Toltech T-STEM Academy Staff

  • Christi Marascio, Science

  • Roberto Garcia, Technology/Engineering

  • Jonathan Sanchez, Mathematics

  • Marco Perez, Social Studies

  • Alyssa Esquivel, Science

  • Anthony Khosravi, Engineering/Robotics

  • Molly Connelly, English

  • Robert Root, Speech/Debate

  • Jesse Rodriguez, English

  • Stacy Carroll, History

  • Edith Kouri, Mathematics

  • Margarita Fernandez, Secretary

For more detailed information about each teacher and the courses they are teaching, please visit each teachers' website. You can find their websites by clicking "FACULTY" in the blue banner above and then searching for each teachers' name in the alphabetized list that appears.

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