English I, English I Pre AP

Course:  English I, English I Pre AP

Teacher: Dr. A. de Silva

Email & Contact Information:  adesilva@eisd.net or 444-8300 ext. 3743

Tutoring: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:30

Conference Period: 1st period


Course Description: 

Students will explore literature from ancient world epics through modern novels, emphasizing the various genres, authors, cultures, and history surrounding each piece of literature.  They will interpret, analyze evaluate, and critique literature.  They will demonstrate their understanding through discussions, presentations, and essays.  They will research many topics throughout the year and will produce a major research paper.  Students must demonstrate master of grammar and usage and will develop their written and spoken vocabularies. This course begins the preparation for the senior Advanced Placement English exam. Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of the Texas state mandated test, STAAR.  This course is designed to meet Texas State Standards for Language Arts.

Class Structure

v     Students need to be in their seats when the bell rings (or when teacher closes door).  Students should remain in their seats unless instructed otherwise.  If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class without an admit pass he or she will be counted absent.

v     All papers will include your name, the date, as well as your section number at the top right corner.  You should also include a title (so you will know what section of your notebook the paper will go in.)

v      Bell Work- Bell work should be started immediately upon entering the classroom after the bell rings.

·         News Summaries (Reading and Writing
·        Writing Assignment

·         Grammar Quiz

·        Reading Assignment

v     Students are expected to place their backpacks on designated table to avoid distractions.  They are to bring pen, highlighter, paper, binder with dividers and textbooks at all times, unless told beforehand that they are not required.  Absolutely no electronic devices are allowed!

v   Student discussions will be held from time to time and students are expected to understand that responsibility comes with freedom of free speech.  Although encouraged to contribute students should keep in mind the need to be respectful within their contribution.  Students are also expected to refrain from personal conversations unless instructed to do so.  

v     Students are expected to follow classroom rules and be an active participant in their own learning. Class rules are as follows:  Be Prepared, Be Prompt, Be Polite, Be a Participant, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.  Anything that disrupts the classroom environment affects the class as a whole and interferes with student learning and teacher instruction, disruptions will not be tolerated.

v     In the event of a student’s intentional disruption, 1st offense the student will be warned, 2nd offense will lead to a student/teacher conference, 3rd offense  parent phone call and teacher detention, 4th offense will result in an office referral.




Make-Up Work Guidelines:

1.     According to School District policy, if an absence is excused, you will have three days  to make up your work without penalty. Please refer to your student handbook for more information on excused and unexcused absences.

2.      If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed.

3.     YOU are expected to make arrangements to make up missed work.

4.   Late work due to a reason other than an absence will result in a lower grade.


Grading Policy:

According to School District policy grading is as follows

50%  Summative (Tests, Research Papers, Final Essays)

50%  Cumulative (Bell Work, Journals, Rough Drafts, and any other class work)

Nine week grade=75%  Final Exam=25%

Textbooks and/or Workbooks:

*Springboard Level IV College Board and Glencoe McGraw-Hill


Student Supplies:            

  • Pen (Blue or Black ink)
  • Highlighters
  • Loose Leaf Paper (preferably college ruled)
  • Three ring binder with a section for English (divided and labeled: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary)
  • School issued textbooks
  • Composition Books
General Classroom Rules:
1.  No food, drinks, chewing gum, or electronic equipment
2.  No classroom disruptions, no talking during tests
3.  No grooming in class (This means no hair fixing, applying of make up, hairspray, perfume, nail polish, or plucking of eyebrows.)
4.  No sleeping or placing head down
5.  No facial piercings
6.  Bring supplies and materials needed for class work
7.  Use appropriate language
8.  Observe dress code               

By having PRIDE students will achieve their GOALS!

P- Prepared for class with all your materials and on time             G – Grades that are equal to passing

R – Respect yourself and others                                              O – On Task

I- Integrity, honesty and responsibility                                  A – Attendance

D- Discipline  - follow the school rules                                     L - Leadership- no referrals 

Everywhere!!                                                                           S – School Spirit

Please remember the following 4 policies as common school policies:
Be Prepared,   Be Respectful, Be on Time, Be Productive


Last Modified on September 26, 2012