What will I learn?
BASIC IPC students study physics (simple machines, Newton's Laws, motion and force) and chemistry ( the periodic table, matter, changes in matter, solutions, lab safety).  Students will follow a modified curriculum. There is no STAAR End of Course test, instead there is a teacher-made final exam.
BASIC BIOLOGY students study a variety of topics including cells and viruses, growth and development of organisms including cells, tissues, and organs; genetics, biological evolution, six kingdoms, metabolism and energy in living systems.  Biology students will take the STAAR-M test.They will follow a modified  curriculum.
CO-TEACH AND SUPPORT FACILITATION  Special education science teachers will join the other science teachers on a regular schedule to provide support and accommodations for students. CO-TEACH Biology classes have two teachers, both equally teaching and conducting the class.


50% summative grades:  tests, major projects, labs with lab report.

50% formative grades: including quizzes, homework, science notebook, participation, classwork, labs.



TUTORING:   Wednesday 4:15 – 5:15 in Room 303 or Credit Recovery room.       Bring any subject.




BE PROMPT: Be in the classroom before the bell rings.


BE PREPARED: Have all your supplies every day.


BE PRODUCTIVE: Work as hard as you can.  Participate every day.


BE POLITE: No swearing, calling names,  or other put-downs.  

      Teachers and students are not equals in the classroom, it is not a democracy.

      When the teacher is talking, you will listen quietly.

      When another student is speaking, you will listen quietly.


BE SURE electronic devices are off and put away.


This is not a beauty salon, do your grooming before or after class.

This is not a cafeteria, no food or drinks except water allowed in class.






Follow Mrs. Brierley’s directions.

Be an independent learner, try to figure it out.

Hand in assignments on time.

Warm ups and homework are graded, be sure to do them.

Use teamwork when you are in a group.


Ten points will be taken off each day an assignment is late unless you have an excused    

            absence.  After a week you will get a zero.

 Class projects will receive a 0 when they are 2 weeks late.

Homework will be graded every week.

Ask for makeup work when you are absent.



When class time is interrupted due to behavior issues, we all lose. As young adults you must take responsibility for your actions. In the event of any behavior issues, these steps will occur. Cell phone use causes lost learning time for everyone. No cell phones in class.


1.  Verbal warning

2.  Change of seat

3. Conference with teacher

4. Stage 1 form, call to parent

5.  Referral –   phone call home and referral to discipline center.

6. Some actions will result in an immediate removal from class and referral.


"Learning isn't homework, it is life work"

 Texas standards for high school science CLICK HERE

Last Modified on September 3, 2013