Instructional Resource page.

Friction and Force  Olympic Bobsled Race   

DRAW a model for the "ACTIVITY" shown in the tab next to the video.         Follow the instructions to subtract the first and last numbers. Turn in your drawing with your work.
Six Kingdoms    Kingdoms Slideshow 

WRITE the names of the six kingdoms on your paper.  For all six:  1)Sketch the image, 2) write two bullets with the big ideas for each of the kingdoms. Turn in your paper.

Ecosystems and Biomes  An Ecological System
After you read the page about ecosyystems, complete this quiz.  WRITE your answers on a paper, and turn it in.

Newton's Laws of Motion   Laws of Motion 
Click and read the interactive tutorial for Laws 1,2, and 3.  Then click QUIZ.  Take the quiz.  You can retake it until all the answers are right. If you are at school, show me the completed quiz on the computer screen.  If you are at home, have an adult write down your score. They should write their name and date.


Last Modified on January 15, 2013