Ms. Beffer

Basic English I, II, III, IV

2012-2013 Course Syllabus


Course Description:

This course focuses on vocabulary development, reading and writing for various purposes, research, English usage and mechanics, and literature.  A variety of literary terms and grammar usage will be studied.  Students will continue their study and research skills, cooperative learning skills, critical thinking, and writing skills.



Pencils, pens, paper


Grading Policy: 

  1. Progress reports will be given every three weeks
  2. Grades will be given on a nine-week period according to the following guidelines: Formative grades will count as 50 percent of the student’s average.  Ex: homework, class work, pop quizzes, journals, and class participation.  Summative grades will count as 50 percent of the student’s average. Ex: tests, projects, presentations, book reports, and research papers.
  3. The nine-week semester grade will be based on the following formula.  The sum of formative and summative grades will count 75 percent of the semester grade.  Therefore, the semester examination grade will count 25 percent of the final grade.



Homework is expected to be completed and due at the beginning of class.  Each student needs to read at home in order to improve reading skills.


Missing Work:

Students are expected to complete all class assignments and turn in on due dates.  Late work -10 points for each period; up to 3 class periods.  No late work will be accepted after 3 class periods and a 0 grade will be given for that assignment.  If student is absent, the student is expected to make-up assignments. 



No textbooks are required; I will provide a class set




Classroom Expectations and Rules:  All students are expected to follow Memorial High School guidelines, rules, and procedures as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.


  1. Be on time
  2. Be prepared (bring supplies)
  3. Be productive
  4. Respect others
  5. Electronic devices are prohibited (music devices, phones, etc.)
  6. Follow dress code-including removal of hats, hoods, and piercings.
  7. No sleeping
  8. No food or drink
  9. Stay in your seat unless instructed otherwise.


Negative Consequences:


  1. Warning of rules
  2. Student conference
  3. Parent phone call/notice
  4. Parent conference
  5. Referral


Positive Consequences:


  1. Extra Credit
  2. Positive phone calls and notes to parents
  3. Activities, games, internet


Additional Information:

All policies of the Edgewood Independent School District and Memorial High School regarding misconduct and attendance will be followed in this course.



Last Modified on April 8, 2013