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                   Memorial High School Course Syllabus 2012 - 2013

                                     Basic Reading I, II, & III


Course Description

Welcome to Basic Reading!  This course involves comprehensive use of the READ 180 program.  The READ 180 is an intensive reading intervention program, which directly addresses individual needs through differentiated instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.  READ 180 combines computer software with book passages, paperback books in various reading levels and books on tape to motivate students.


Course Grading Policies

1)      Progress Reports:   Class grades will be updated weekly.  Campus wide progress reports will be generated every three week period where report cards are not issued.

2)      Grading will be accomplished on a nine-week basis according to the following guidelines:

a)      Formative grades shall count as 50 percent of the student’s cumulative average.  Examples include homework, class work, pop quizzes, notebooks/journals, class participation, and READ 180 participation.

b)      Summative grades shall count as 50 percent of the student’s cumulative average.  Examples include unit tests, weekly test projects, presentations, book reports, research papers, portfolios, and READ 180 tests.

Each student will have a minimum of three formative grades each week during the nine-week grading period and one summative grade each week for the first eight weeks of the grading period.




Homework will be assigned to reinforce concepts learned in class.  Homework is expected to be completed and due at the beginning of class.  Also, it is encouraged that each student practices his or her daily reading at home to help strengthen skills and develop good reading habits.


Late/Missing Work 

Students are expected to complete class assignments on scheduled due dates.  Late work will be accepted and graded on an individual basis.  If a student is absent, he or she is expected to make-up missed class work.  Points will be deducted for late work:

  • - 10 for each class period late; up to 3 class periods
  • No late work will be accepted after 3 class periods
  • Students turning in work that is more than 3 periods late will receive a zero on that assignment.
  • Zero replacement policy:  students have one week from the issuance of progress reports to replace any zeroes which may appear.   Students may choose to do additional work after school or in Wednesday tutorials to replace any zeroes which may appear.


Extra Credit 

May be given for additional work and graded on an individual basis.



No textbooks will be issued to students.  However, students will be responsible for books/paperback books used in class.  



 Pencils, pens, paper and a journal notebook.



I will be available for tutoring after school Wed  4:10 – 5:10 P.M. or by request.



Students are expected to follow Memorial High School guidelines, rules, and procedures as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.


Classroom Expectations/Rules: 


1)      Be on time

2)      Be prepared (bring supplies)

3)      Pay attention and work hard

4)      Respect others

5)      Electronic devices are prohibited (music devices, phones, etc.)

6)      Follow dress code—including removal of hats, hoods and piercings

7)      No food or drink

8)      No sleeping

9)      Follow any additional classroom procedures and expectations


Negative consequences


1)      Warning/clarification of rules

2)      Student conference

3)      Parent notice/phone call

4)      Parent conference

5)      Administrator contact

6)      Referral


Positive consequences


1)      Free time/student choices

2)      Extra credit

3)      Positive Notes, phone calls to parents

4)      Games, activities, internet, etc.

5)      Satisfaction of a job well done!


I am committed to ensuring a safe and positive environment exists for all students. 



Thank you,



Mr. D. Baza

Basic Reading

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