Instructional Resource Page

Band I-IV will use the following workbooks for Band class on a daily basis:
Foundations for a Superior Performance--King
Texas State Adopted Text for Band Levels I-IV for:
-Chorales and Etudes
-Technical Exercises
Supplemental Materials:
101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns
Advanced Techniques for Band--Hovey
Rubank Supplemental Books
Selections for Marching Band
Selections from the U.I.L. PML (Prescribed Music List) for:
Concert Band
 Please see the list on
Most assignments may be accessed through the SmartMusic program on our
computers is the Band Hall.   To access the computer, the students must have
Ms. Alejos or Ms. Gonzalez enter the username and password.
Program Music as per event:
Ex: Christmas/Winter Concert, Memorial Day, Graduation etc.