Band Courses 2011-2012

Band-Music I,II,III, and IV


The course emphasizes the simultaneous coordination of physical movement with instrumental performance.  The class develops student's ability to mentally perceive geometric designs, emphasize hand/eye coordination, increases visual acuity and strengthens personal public performance mannerisms.

This organization actively participates in UIL Marching Contest(s), invitational meets, community parades and football halftimes.  This group begins rehearsals in August prior to the beginning of the school year. Rehearsal beyond class time is required.



Placement in UIL Varsity or non-Varsity groups is by audition.

Grades 9-12

This band actively participates in UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest, Pre UIL competitions, invitational meets, UIL Solo and Ensembles at the regional and all state levels and performs multiple community concerts.  This class requires rehearsal before or after school.



Grades 9-12

Jazz Band is designed to enrich the student's ability to perform the jazz genre.  Class emphasis is on style development, improvisation and public performance.



Grades 9-12

Students will integrate musical concepts, dance mediums and flag/rifle equipment to perform as an integral section of the marching band. In addition, this group will seek opportunities to perform and compete as a separate entity.



All Band classes have performance based curriculum as per Music TEKS. 

All instruction is geared toward public performance in varied venues.  Out of class rehearsal(s) are a valid expectation of all Band related classes.  Grades are attached to rehearsal as an extension of class instruction.