Memorial High School Band Drum Major Tryout Sheet----2013

Contestant Number__________                                                                      Judge Signature_______________

Marching routine with student selection of music 20 pts.

___10 pt.---Stride—Carriage (drum major should always be in motion)

___5 pt. Routine

___5 pt. Drum Major Vocals during routine

___Sub Total


Vocal Commands and Conduction Patterns—20 points

____5 pts….4/4--------8 measures

____5 pts.  ¾-----------8 measures

____5 pts  2/4/--------8 measures

____5 pts.---General Style/Clarity of Beat

_____Sub Total


Vocal Commands and Conducting with music selection provided by director---20 points

___4 pt. Salute and introduction

___4 pt. Vocal Commands

___12 pt.-Conducting (general patterns,independence of hands, cues and dynamics)

____Sub Total

Personal Interview—20 points

____5 pts.—Appearance

____ 5 pts.—Poise

____10 pts. –Appropriate response to questions

______Sub Total

Grand Total_________________