Memorial Science Fair

It's that time of year again, the Memorial Science Fair is already upon us. This year things will be a little different in that your project must be presented using the technology that we have available in school.  Unless you have been informed otherwise, it must be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and must have a minimum of 10 slides. 

Science Fair Project Parts

  1. Problem/Question-The reason for the project
  2. Background Information-What information can you use to create a hypothesis
  3. Hypothesis-Educated guess based on background information
  4. Material/Procedures-What are you using to do the experiment and how are you going to do the experience
  5. Data-2 different types
    • Observational-what you see while the experiment is going
    • Results-what are the numbers for your data
  6. Conclusion-Answer two questions
    • How does your data support your problem?
    • How did your data answer your hypothesis?
    • What else could you do to continue the project?
Your presentation must include the following:
  • Images
  • Text (not too much)
  • Animations and transitions (don't overdo it)
  • Data should be presented as graph
  • At least one hyperlink
  • At least one embedded audio or video clip
  • Notes for each slide (use the notes page in PowerPoint), to be turned in to your teacher
  • The last slide should show all resources cited in MLA format (APA for Mr. Rouse and Mr. Flores)
REMEMBER, you are the star of the show so you need to know your subject, do not plagiarize or violate copyright law.  Your audience can read, so do not read from the slides and finally, this is about your chosen project, NOT your PowerPoint skills.
PowerPoint Presentations

Last Modified on November 19, 2009