Leadership Credo and Management Style


Personal Leadership Credo of Ray Ayala



These are the values and principles from which I live by and lead from.  I will always live by these values and principles and expect my colleagues and superiors to hold me accountable when I do not.  I will not be deterred and will live up to these values and principles and continue towards my goals.


Vision and Leadership


  • I will be driven by a strong sense of purpose and direction
  • I will establish clear goals and objectives
  • I will create a collegial and collaborative environment that will empower others to meet our goals
  • I will lead with the highest degree of ethics and high moral standing
  • I will lead with a primary focus of what is best for our main customer, the students



  • I will lead with enthusiasm and fervor to inspire others
  • I will infuse energy and dedication in others through my role as a leader
  • I will create an environment full of excitement to motivate all
  • I will love my work and live the principles of my Leadership Credo daily



·         I will take 100% responsibility for all my actions

·         I will be visible, accessible, approachable and responsive

·         I will follow through with my promises and commitments

·         I will make wise decisions based on sound principles and research

·         I will lead by example and not expect others to do what I would not ask of myself

·         I will admit my mistakes and take corrective actions

·         I will always act with integrity and uncompromising honesty in all that I do


Caring and Respect


  • I will treat others with dignity and honor
  • I will value diversity and differing points of view
  • I will always find ways to serve and support others
  • I will demonstrate genuine concern and empathy by being responsive to others’ needs

 Courage and Decisiveness


  • I will choose the “hard right” over the “easy wrong”
  • I will not waver or back down from tough issues, and I will address situations promptly and effectively
  • I will challenge wrongs in others and give appropriate and honest feedback
  • I will make timely decisions with confidence
  • I will make the tough yes/no decisions 

Personal Management Operating Style of Ray Ayala


My Management Operating Style is fueled by my tremendous passion for my education profession.  Ultimately, I am 100% responsible for the school that I help lead.  It is this passion that drives me to set the highest of expectations for myself and for all those who work with me.  Excellence, timeliness, commitment and hard work are the elements that set the foundation of my Management Operating Style.



The following illustrates my preferred management style and operating style.  These key elements frame my work preferences, procedures, and expectations I have for the people I work with and lead.


Open Door Policy


  • My door is always open for you to come in and discuss issues and items dealing with the school and students
  • If time permits you may discuss personal issues that affect your job and or students
  • E mail me when told to do so; it will serve as a record of you contacting me and reminds me, concretely, of issues I must address for you
  • In emergencies, call me on my cell (to be given later)
  • I must hear from you; if there are pressing issues, you must tell me so I may assist you; I want to hear from you; good and bad

 Problem Solving and Decision Making


·         I expect for staff members to be creative enough to address/solve issues and/or problems as they arise, and to do so quickly; we can discuss your solutions and viable options to better address the issue or problem

·         When providing these solutions for solving these problems and/or issues, I prefer bullet and outline formats rather than wordy documents

·         I expect all members  to be effective problem-solvers

·         I will collaborate with you in making decisions and solving problems

·         I will compromise with you unless you convince me of your point of view in solving a problem or making a decision

·         Always keep me informed of decisions made by the team, department or grade level; I will either approve or ask you for continued work on a better solution

·         If a mistake has been made, acknowledge it up front and then we can move forward to resolving it

·         At meetings, I expect individuals to be prepared and ready to tackle any problem with creativity and thoroughness

·         Please bring an agenda to meetings that you request, and if possible, allow me to read material ahead of time

·         Attempt to resolve as many of these issues prior to our meeting and do so collaboratively


Work Environment Expectations/Accountability


  • Maintain a clean class room and be positive with your students
  • Your caring attitude will be seen by students and they will respond in kind
  • Work bell to bell; always be prepared and have more work than you may need for students
  • Meet deadlines; if not able to, communicate with me and I will do what I can to help you
  • Be responsible and do thorough work with grades, attendance
  • I trust you and expect you to conduct yourself in the highest ethical manner possible and always in the best interest of the student
  • I expect that teachers and staff will be accountable for the things that occur in their areas of responsibility
  • I expect teachers and staff to follow through on their commitments and promises
  • I expect that if you sign your name on a document, you have read it and are in agreement with what you are signing
  • I expect school leaders to be accountable for the things that occur on their watch

 Performance Appraisals Expectations


  • The PDAS and CWT’s will be the tool that will be used to measure growth throughout the school year
  • I will work with you on expectations and goals for the year
  • Formal observations, walk throughs, student growth, and other pertinent data will be collected throughout the year to measure success
  • Your performance will be measured at the end of the year against our agreed upon goals

 Time-off or Away from Work


  • Same day emergencies call my cell
  • Update emergency lesson plans every two weeks with student work and schedules along with seating charts
  • I expect staff to make all appropriate arrangements when preparing for an absence
    • Use Aesop sub line
    • Schedule a quality substitute if possible
    • Prepare student work and leave detailed instructions that would allow for any individual to take over your class

  Relationship Expectations


  • Always be kind to one another
  • I will always greet you with a smile and would like one in return; if I do not greet you, call me on it; it is usually that I have a pressing problem on my mind
  • Treat others correctly and with civility; I will do the same
  • I prefer informal relationships within an atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality; the expectation is always to build positive relationships with one another, with your leaders, and with your students and parents
  • Always act and dress professionally
  • Within this positive atmosphere, I will work with you and guide you to improve yourself; I will help you meet your goals and help you achieve our high standards to benefit our students and ourselves

 Things that Disappoint and Frustrate Me


  • Complaining with no solution for the problem
  • Misspelled words or incorrect grammar
  • Lacking in enthusiasm and passion for your profession
  • Not accepting responsibility or accountability; if mistakes are done, be honest and I will help you
  • Not managing students well and mistreating them



  • I have two wonderful children
  • I love sports; football, basketball, and I play golf
  • I am a musician, and song writer; I play the guitar, piano, and bass
  • I enjoy the outdoors
  • I am super competitive

Last Modified on February 22, 2012