Professional Communication

Professional Communication is a half a year class.  During the 2011-2012 school year Professional Communication replaced Communication Application. When students complete and pass the class, they will earn a half credit.  Students are required to receive the half credit in order to graduate.
During the course of the semester, students will do various projects, speeches and various book assigments. 
Many of the projects for the class will be about the students  and about their lives.  Students will present speeches: individually, in partners or in groups.  Speeches and projects count as test grades and students will get ample notice on due dates.  Students will be able to work on projects and speeches in class, but will also have to work at home.
We will learn about the different types of communication and the different ways people communicate with one another.  We will also learn why communication plays a major factor in our lives and determine the best way to communication in different situations.
My goal is that students will leave my class feeling more confident about speaking with others and making presentations.  I feel this class will not only prepare students for post secondary education but will help students in life outside of Kennedy High School.
Contact Information:
Veronica Casiano
210-444-8040 ext. 3221
Room 229