Tim Hills
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Phone 210-444-7675
Email:  thills@eisd.net
Passed Technology Assessments Approved Web Portfolio

This is my second year at Brentwood Middle School. I am excited about the challenges of my role as Instructional Technology Facilitator.
Parents if you have any questions on things involving technology at our campus please feel free to e-mail me or call me using the information located on this page.
My role at Brentwood Middle School is:
1. Planning and Facilitating Teaching and Learning
   • Collaborates all instructional staff to develop curriculum materials and specific lesson plans that integrates technology
   • Demonstrates and models on a regular basis the integration of technology in all curriculum areas
   • Facilitates school participation in technology programs and activities
   • Provide sustained, in-depth professional development for campus staff
   • Collaborates to provide leadership in the school‘s use of instructional technology resources to enhance learning
   • Follows a plan for professional development and actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally
   • Provide frequent feedback to staff members and administrators regarding instructional technology
2. Planning and Facilitating Information Access and Delivery
   • Works with the principal and school leadership team to provide access to technology resources and services
   • Works with campus and technology staff in the selection of resources that are compatible with the school’s infrastructure
   • Participates with any Technology Committee to assist with planning the design of the technology infrastructure so that information resources are continually available to the school community
   • Adheres to and communicates copyright & other laws and guidelines pertaining to the distribution and ethical use resources
   • Facilitates remote/live broadcast of events and training on the use of multimedia equipment and software
3. Planning and Facilitating Program Administration
   • Leads, in partnership with the Instructional Technology Specialist and Campus Performance Objectives Committee (CPOC) in effective decision making to promote the media and technology program.
   • Monitors the use of instructional technology to ensure that resources and activities enhance rigorous academic content and the school’s mission
   • Provides support for TxGradebook, Pinnacle, Edusoft and ny other district adopted software program available in the division
   • Collaborates with teachers, Curriculum Specialists, Library Media staff and Technology staff to evaluate and select resources addressing curricular needs and learning goals
   • Attends district-level support/follow-up sessions during the school year
   • Prepares and submits accurate reports as required
   • Use appropriate and effective techniques for community and parent involvement
   • Facilitate the Technology Inventory process
Last Modified on November 19, 2013