English II Course Description

This course, required of all sophomores, will focus on the student's skill development in the areas of writing, language, literature and reading comprehension. The course is also designed to build your verbal and written communication skills while enhancing your literary foundation. We will read classic literary works as well as contemporary pieces. This class will emphasize analytical thinking, literary analysis, formal writing, and the study of American literature.
English II is a required State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) preparation course. The class will also assist in preparing students to take the STAAR Test in the spring semester. Though every activity will not be directly related to STAAR prep, everything accomplished will assist the student in reaching a set goal.
** English II PreAP: In addition to the material covered in English II, this course will include timed writings, rigorous assignments, multiple reading and writing projects. The PreAP class is for students who wish to be academically stimulated. The homework level will be challenging and is geared towards higher level thinking skills and preparation for AP Language and Literature courses and dual enrollment junior and senior English courses.**