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World Languages
Profesora Ramírez
       Spanish II: Students in their second year of Spanish will expand basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so that they can begin to create writing samples, oral presentations and special projects. Students should also feel more at ease with simple conversations and be able to write brief written descriptions on familiar topics. Finally, students should gain a deeper appreciation of, and sensitivity to, diverse cultures and customs.
      Spanish III: The primary goal of this coarse is to prepare students for success on the AP Spanish Language Exam, to acquire a second language for use in future employment and for use in post-secondary studies.  Spanish is the exclusive language used in this course.  Students that have enrolled in this course should already have a basic knowledge of the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples and should have attained a moderate proficiency in using the Spanish language.  Students are expected to be fully committed and relentless in seeking their own success of this course.  Therefore, they are expected to work in a dedicated and diligent manner in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom in independent study.
       Make-up work.  Assignments will be accepted within FIVE school days.  When work is not made up in that time, a zero will be placed in the grade book.  Zeroes may not be made up.  Only test grades can be made up within a 3-week period.
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