¡Bienvenidos a la clase de la Profesora Ramírez!

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Welcome! I am excited and happy to be your Spanish II and Spanish III teacher.  My hopes are that you are receptive and openhearted to appreciate the Spanish language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.
My commitment to you is to present lessons that are interesting and diverse enough to inspire and motivate you to want to learn a second language.
Contact Information:
María E. Ramírez
Work: 210-444-8040 x3170
Cell: 210-248-7432


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Tuesday and Wednesday       4:15-6:16
         (You may see me for tutorials on any other days by 
           appointment only)
              Spanish II: Year at a Glance
 First Nine Weeks:      Repaso A-G
                                             Chapter 1 - Un Viaje en Tren
                                             Chapter 2 - En el Restaurante
 Second Nine Weeks: Chapter 3 - Telecomunicaciones
                                             Chapter 4 - De Tiendas
                                             Chapter 5 - Los Pasatiempos
 Third Nine Weeks:    Chapter 5 - Los Pasatiempos
                                            Chapter 6 - En el Hotel
                                            Chapter 7 - El Vuelo
 Fourth Nine Weeks:  Chapter 8 - Emergencias Médicas
                                            Chapter 9 - Ciudad y Campo
                                            Chapter 10 - La Cocina
Spanish III: Year at a Glance
 First Nine Weeks:         Chapter 11 - El Coche y la Carretera                   
                                             Chapter 12 - Los Servicios al Publico
                                             Chapter 1 - España
      Novel: La Casa en Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros

 Second Nine Weeks:    Chapter 2 - Los Países Andinos
                                              Chapter 3 - El Cono Sur 
      Novel: Bendiceme Última - Rudolfo Anaya

 Third Nine Weeks:       Chapter 4 - La América Central
                                              Chapter 5 - México   
                                              Chapter 6 - El Caríbe 
   Novels: Bendiceme Ultima - Rudolfo Anaya
         Cuentos de locura y amor - Horacio Quiroga
 Fourth Nine Weeks:       Chapter 7 -  Venezuela

                                                Chapter 8 Estados Unidos

    Novel: Como agua para chocolate - Laura Esquivel
  Picture source: google.com/http://www.fg-a.com/flags.htm